conflicts in the workplace

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conflicts in the workplace

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Conflict in the Workplace
It is normal for conflicts in an organization occur in an organization. They are of different types, and also there is a variety of methods to settle them.

There are four types of conflicts namely interpersonal, intrapersonal, intragroup and intergroup conflicts. The conflict that occurs in an individual’s mind is called intrapersonal conflict. It is psychological since it involves emotions, principles, and thoughts of a person. This type of conflict causes uneasiness, restlessness and at times it can lead to depression and can be eliminated through communication with other people.
Interpersonal conflict occurs when two people differ. It can be the board of directors, CEOs, or even workmates. It occurs naturally and can help one build a better relationship with others as well as personal growth. However, it is a major contributor to high labor turnover in organizations.
Intergroup conflict emanates from the disagreement of different teams in an institution. The different groups can include the management and workers, various departments or even organizations competing in a market. The rules and regulations of a company can create conflict between the management and the workers. When specific people in a team disagree, the conflict is an intragroup conflict. It is often caused by misunderstanding and incompatibility among these people. Differences in ideas and interpersonal disputes can cause this type of …

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