Computer science Argumentative essay

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Computer science Argumentative essay

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A Two Paragraph Story
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A Two Paragraph Story
We live in a life that has happy may not always present a happy ending especially, when we need to communicate in a symmetrical relationship. My life has been a fairytale living by what many would term as “hand to mouth.” However, I realized the need to accept life and find the social network to help connect with people who can help get an extra penny from menial jobs. As I was grappling with the social life and putting pieces together, I was introduced to a friend who advised that I enroll in a college for basic computer programming and networking. Some of the functional basics of computer communications I learned were network and node. The two concepts were critical in developing inter-departmental communications. I got interests in different levels of communication in my course and especially, how to relate the concept of personalization and hub when creating a network of people across departments or workplaces. One of the guiding principles in computer communication I studied at later stages of the course included levels of social graph in an asymmetrical relationship. That is, there is always a need to take extra measures on the level of personal data to share when dealing with different parties in an organization. It is advisable to isolate in social networking since sharing images, and other identities could breach on others’ social rights.
I remember it was the first week of Winter …

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