Comparison of the classical and medieval era

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Comparison of the classical and medieval era

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Comparison of the classical and medieval era

The medieval period refers to the timespan between the classical age and the modern era experienced in western history. The societies experienced significant changes in social, political, and economic aspects during the transition period.

This was a period of democratic integration in the ruling systems. In the classical period, governments employed an aristocratic form of leadership and other forms of dictatorial governing sectors. Political heads had authority over their subjects with less regard to life. However, in the medieval period, governments embraced a more liberal form of leadership giving their subjects room to air their grievances on national issues. Furthermore, the medieval era welcomed the end of the Roman Empire as other states restructured their self-governments to control the empire (Gill 1). The empire broke down as the revolution took over. Powers were decentralized to other forms of state leadership.

Religion was one of the most celebrated social symbols during these two eras. The classical period was characterized by a polytheistic form of worship (Gill 1). However, the medieval era introduced Christianity, where people believed in the existence of a supernatural being, God. Furthermore, Islam took a stance as a religion of choice for those who believed. It is imperative to note that the social changes were more of evolutionary rather than revolutionary. The medieval period saw societi…

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