Comparison of attitude towards women in the poems Revised

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Comparison of attitude towards women in the poems Revised

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Comparisons of the Attitude towards Women in the poems
In the two poems, the speaker describes women as a creatures who are just to be used by men for pleasure. It is why the speaker wants the woman he describes in the poem ”To His Coy Mistress” to have a love affair with her even though death awaits them that will cut their life shorter. The two poems have similarities as well as differences with regards to attitude towards women in the poems.
In both of the poems, the attitudes of the speakers towards women have one thing in common as witnessed in both cases. Similarly in the poem; “My last duchess” the speaker tries to command the woman in the poem to do as he says. He can, therefore, rule over her in all the ways so that he can satisfy his need by keeping the woman silent and doing away with his smile as he continues with his business of arranging for the marriage with another young lady who was only nine years old.
Similarly, in both poems, the speakers are displayed as the overall since they already know what will happen next shortly as displayed in the speaker knows that he can end the smile of the woman. The same applies to the poem “To His Copy Mistress” where the speaker knows that they will soon die, and the virginity of the woman will be interfered with by the worms in the grave. The similarity in the two poems, therefore, arises because the two speakers can predict the future. Consequently, both the two poem…

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