comparison essay on two poets

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comparison essay on two poets

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Comparison essay on two poets
Langston Hughes and David Foster Wallace are American novelists and have used various styles like continuous prose and non-fiction in their works. They are victims of circumstances that make them feel vulnerable, lonely and yearning to be free from the system they are exposed to.
Hughes writing is written in a long prose format with several poems in it which make his style unique. He goes out of the conventional writing to write a poem in the form of an essay that expresses the hard times faced by people of his race (Hughes, 1947). He uses music and rhythm to poetry the culture of blacks during his time. Similarly, Wallace has written his shipping out essay in a long prose. He moves out the conventional writing where he is supposed to have breaks and uses his style to ensure the expression of contemporary like ….we’d laugh out of town…speech fits his writing to express an ideology in his era to show a transcendent fiction (Wallace, 1997). Hughes uses the non-fiction style to show suffering by blacks and how he yearns for freedom from all the torment from the white government. He says how he is trying to fly off the mad, but Jim Crow holds him back (Hughes, 1947). The same non-fiction style is applied by Wallace and at the end as he yearns for his freedom from the cruise. He has a vision of himself off the cruise ship as it floats away signifying his freedom yet to be attained.


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