comparison essay on cinderella and hamlet

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comparison essay on cinderella and hamlet

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This paper provides comprehensive comparative analysis of two well-received films by many movie lovers with a focus to their similarities and differences. The films are known as Cinderella that was produced in the year 1950 and the Hamlet whose production was in the year 1948. The major comparative aspects between the two films include there themes, script writing, movie plot, plot setting and production quality.
Thesis statement: The two films may have similar aspects, but they may as well be very different from one another.
Comparison of the Cinderella (1950) film with the Hamlet (1948) film
The Cinderella (1950) movie is a film that revolves around the life of a beautiful girl by the name Cinderella. In the movie, Cinderella is brought up a widowed father who dies unexpectedly after remarrying another wife. Cinderella is taken under the care of a cruel and selfish stepmother and stepsisters but grows up to be a polite and gentle woman. Finally, Cinderella meets the prince of their town and they both fall in love with each other. The movie ends up with the two of them getting married despite her stepmother’s effort to lock up Cinderella so that she does not meet the Prince (Cinderella 1950 movie).
Hamlet, on the other hand, is a movie adopted from Shakespeare’s play called “Hamlet” (Boose & Burt 2). The film begins with three sentries watching over the battlements to see if there was a ghost. They manage to see…

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