compare the education of 2 european system

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compare the education of 2 european system

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Secondary Education Sector between Germany and England
The education systems in England vs. Germany have their particular similarities and differences. Both systems have figured out how to add to the incredible identities and innovation in the education sector. There are three levels of education from primary level, secondary to tertiary level. This paper compares the secondary education sectors in both England and Germany.
In Germany, after children are through with the primary education, they advance to the secondary education and have several options; Gymnasium, Fachoberschule, Realschule, Mittelschule and Gesamtschule. After going through the five options, students can either start a career with an apprenticeship or a company. It gives the students a knowledge theory and practical experience, (Phillips & David 167). During the internship, a student is paid a part-time salary and after passing the Berufsschule, a certificate is awarded.
On the other hand, England has a culture of independent and home school systems. Legally, parents or guardians may decide to educate their children by any convenient means. England secondary schools are comprehensive and vary widely, mostly in urban areas. In a few regions children can join a grammar school if they are through with the eleven plus exam, (Alexander & Robin 37).
With this type of education, students often gain the knowledge and become innovative. The …

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