Compare and contrast psychodynamics and behaviorism theory

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Compare and contrast psychodynamics and behaviorism theory

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Compare And Contrast Psychodynamics And Behaviorism Theory
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Psychology, the science of truth is a comprehensive science that integrates human behaviors and thoughts. It integrates various fields of thought which examine one’s mind and subsequent behavior. “Schools of psychology” are the specific disciplines considered by scientists to assist in furthering the understanding of groups, individuals, organizations, cultures and societies (Ghezzi, 2014). The two approaches deliberated are the behaviorist and psychodynamic approaches.
Psychodynamics that is also recognized such as dynamic psychology. In its comprehensive logic is a tactic to psychology that emphasizes systematic training of these psychological forces that cause feelings, human behavior and emotions and how it might also relate to first experience. It is mainly interested in the self-motivated relations who are between motivation unconscious and conscious motivation. The word psychodynamics is also referred or used by others to refer precisely to the psychoanalytical tactic established by Sigmund Freud and his supporters. Freud who was motivated by the concept of thermodynamics and resolved to use this term psychodynamics to define the practices of the brain as streams of psychological energy in a gradually complex mind. In the cure of psychological agony, psychodynamic psychotherapy has a habit of a less rigorous modality than the traditional Freud…

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