Community standards/censorship

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Community standards/censorship

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Community standards/censorship Censorship is a way of suppressing images, ideas or words that are deemed inappropriate or offensive. Censorship can be carried out by private institutions, groups or the government. America is in its third great era as a result of new constitution containing bill of rights enacted in the second era, the country is abolishing laws that helped each state prosper through years of challenges than the current effect of terrorism. The bill of rights contains laws that compromise freedom of speech compared to 100 years ago, this is evident by different cases that the country faces currently (Miller 1).
There is an increasing change in media landscape championed by financial instabilities, aggressive politicians and media ownership. Compared to 100 years ago, the current digital media landscape is outstretched on what content to air, national and local newsrooms are reducing in number, reporters are confused on what to report fearing the law will take its cause without notice and the quality of American journalism is diminishing. Laws against profanity, indecency and obscenity are enforced by the federal communication commission stipulating what content should be aired (Thomas 21).
Communication decency act enacted in 1966, was meant to protect to protect artistic expressions through books, paintings, posters and theatrical works. Entertainment and sex in art are the most affected currently by censorship; man…

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