Communication in Business revised

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Communication in Business revised

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Communication in Business
The communication method in any organization is determined by the urgency of information and its cost. Therefore, in my worksheet, I found out that phone calls and e-mails to be at par and make the highest junk of communication approximately 30% in most of the organization due to their timeliness and the flexibility attached to it. Agreeably, in the contemporary society, virtually all individuals are connected on the phone which is attached to an e-mail due to their versatility. The e-mails allow for attachment of the same mail to several individuals hence high reach. Similarly, the ease of negotiations and discussion on the phone makes it even better through the use of conference calling system where meetings can be held on a phone. It thus makes phones and E-mails the most appropriate method of communication according to my findings.
Besides the phone and e-mail, Instant Message and Video conferencing come second on my findings at 12%. For the instant messaging, the ease of sending bulky and the ability to get timely feedback makes it a more utilized form of communication. Besides, it can be a one-way method of communication where instant or the message does not need feedback. Alternatively, the video conferencing is another utilized form of communication especially for discussion making during problem-solving incidence. It reduces traveling time and ensures the information can be retrieved f…

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