College Visit Reflection

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College Visit Reflection

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College Visit Reflection

College/University Name: Sam Houston

Answer the following questions thoroughly and specifically. This should make you think about what you want or don’t want in a college and whether you see yourself at a place like this. Use complete sentences and each question should be a minimum of 3 sentences.

List 3 things that you got to do or see on the college visit.
I surveyed the classrooms and lecture halls. I was able to see the type of furniture available in classes. I also observed the sizes of the rooms.
I went for lunch in the cafeteria. I was keen on the type of food available and the prices. I observed the level of hygiene in the cafeteria.
I went to the University library. I wanted to observe if the library strained by the large population of students. I also found out about the types of books available in the library.
Was there an academic major focus (engineering, medicine, etc.) for this campus? Explain. If not, what are some of the college degrees you heard about?
Sam Houston state university offers a wide diversity of courses from all the scholarly disciplines. There is no specific academic focus. Some of the courses I heard are Accounting, computer science, economics, digital forensics, nursing, statistics, and criminal justice.

What is one thing you learned about this particular college that you didn’t know before?
I did not know that Sam Houston State University is…

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