College dropout ,problems and solutions

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College dropout ,problems and solutions

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College Dropout, Problems, and Solutions
The college dropout problem in the U.S. has been defined with desolate statistics that cast the higher education system in a bad light. This dilemma is, even more, disturbing for community colleges as it goes against the fabric of a community that is all about looking out for each other and forming strong personal ties. More broadly, this challenge is a threat to the country’s intellectual prowess and competitiveness that may harbor hidden social upheavals such as economic inequality. The fact that the majority of students who enroll for college education do not complete their studies is a worrying concern for both the policy makers and families. For this reason, it is important to identify the problems and solutions to avert this crisis.
One of the reasons for increased college dropout cases has been linked to students’ financial constraints. This factor has to do with the fact that most students come from low-income backgrounds. Most colleges can cater for the students financial needs only to a certain percentage through scholarships, but even with these developments, most students from low-income backgrounds come up short in finances. Further, the use of credits cards has seen an increase among students to finance their additional college expenses. The reason students rely on credit cards is because they are easily accessible, most students lack financial literacy, increased school expenses, a…

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