Cold war USA vs Soviet Union

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Cold war USA vs Soviet Union

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During the World War II, the United States of America and the Soviet Union were allied forces in fighting to repulse the powers of the Axis forces. However, during the fighting there was a tense relationship between the two countries. The reason being the tense fighting between them was probably because the USA was wary of the Communist state of the Soviet Union and particularly the leader of Soviet Joseph Stalin who ruled with iron fist and blood thirst. The Soviet Union, on the other hand, had bitter feelings earlier before on the United States for their failure to honor their legitimacy and entry into the international community. Their bitter feeling was also as a result of the USA delayed entry to the Second World War that ended up with many Russians being killed. After the end of the Second World War, there was mutual antagonism and mistrust between the two nations and the expansion of Soviet Union along the East Europe fueled the fears over the United States that the Soviet Union was planning to control the world. Russia, on the other hand, declined to accept the American build-up of arms and intervention operation nicknamed bellicose rhetoric. In that situation, both parties were entire to blame. The fact that the Soviet Union were expanding along the Eastern Europe and their bitterness for the US arms buildup and intervention, the…

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