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Cleopatra, the Iron Lady of Egypt.
Cleopatra has continuously been one of the history’s famous beauties both regarding having an informed mindset that was object oriented and developing problem-solving techniques as a female ruler. But was she beautiful? Modern-day historians declare to have proof that Cleopatra was not as impressive as it is believed to be. The reliance posed by the sculpture over hundreds of years after it’s curving does not fail to represent the strength and will of the person it represents. Art seems to be an actual representation of reality in this case.
The bust at Royal Ontario Museum displays her and tends to portray her as a lady of unbelievable substantial excellence and tempting abilities — in reality, her sentimental associations with Julius Caesar the greatest conquer probably because of her beautiful face and character. The good part about her is not only what made her mystery not to be tamed. She was believed to be a ruthless killer. In the book, Queen of Kings by Headly Cleopatra is described to have been testing poison among her servants to find out the best and less painful way to die. Her famous name and successful endeavors was a prize she earned.
Excellence of Cleopatra
Cleopatra is mostly known as the sexual and seductress princess who died before her over Antony. There are a lot of factors involving achievements, sacrifices, and loss she had to suffer before attaining her statu…

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