Civil Rights Movement Timeline

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Civil Rights Movement Timeline

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Civil Rights Movement Timeline
Howard University
1866 – Howard University began as a school of Theology, it taught theological studies, mainly to the African American society.
1867 – The university was given a charter and became an independent university officially. It was per the United States Congress Act.
1872 – The first students graduated from the university after it was chattered this year.
1926 – Mordecai Wyatt Johnson became the first African American president to be in charge of the university. ( Logan, 1969)
Du Bois creates a new model
1895 – Du Bois gets a Ph.D. from the University of Harvard. He was the first African American to obtain the honors at that time.
1896 – This is the year where Du Bois accepted to work at the University of Pennsylvania
1897 – He started lecturing profession at Atlanta University. At this time he researched the social lives of the African American society.
1906- Niagara movement was introduced by Du Bois, which was used to foster for equality of human rights.
The Red Summer
April 14th, 1919 – At a local church in Millen Georgia, this is here six people met death who were two white officers, and four were blacks
May 12th, 1919 – Benny Richards a black is chased by a mob trying to catch him to punish him instead of the police doing so for being the cause of the death of his wife.
May 3rd, 1919 – there as a heightened rise in the mass murder of the African American c…

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