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Civical knowledge

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Civics Knowledge
Civic education for citizenship is a fundamental and first step of safeguarding the future of American democracy. It is undeniable that America with its rich political history as the world’s old constitutional democracy and its strong political institution has been achieved through active citizenship participation (Branson & Quigley 2). Although a few people feel that civic education has not accomplished its goals, many scholars from various fields concur that civic education is crucial as it empowers both students and the public to take a stand and also promotes active participation in public policy decisions.
Thanks to civic education many young citizens and senior citizens are now actively taking their personal stands and adding their voices to matters affecting Americans. Massive shootings in schools are undeniably one of the issues that have caused a public outcry in America in recent times. Many high school students rather than waiting to be further victimized decided to voice their grievances through public demonstrations and walkouts (Graham & Weingarten 5). Thanks to civic education the students and other citizens were informed and consequently have been using their constitutional right to speak out their views, which, in turn, promotes the democratic space in America.
Civic education also leads to active citizenship. It means that individuals get involved in their respective communities and dem…

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