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Engineering ethics
Engineering ethics consists of values and behaviors that relate to the conduct of engineers with respect to wrongness or righteousness of engineering actions and motives of their actions. Engineers have defined a code of ethics that guides their actions. One such organization that dictates the code of ethics for engineers is the National Society of Professional Engineers. The body has defined cannons for engineers. One of the most common cannon is holding a paramount safety, health and welfare of the public in all engineering practices.
The cannon states that an engineer’s judgment can be overruled when human life is endangered or threatened due to the engineering activity to be undertaken. As a civil engineer, when am compromised with such situation, I will notify the client or the employee in writing and the relevant authority about the same. As an engineer, I will only approve engineering works or documents that conform to engineering standards. When dealing with a client, I will only disclose information, data and facts after prior notification and approval of the client unless it is necessary or public interests are threatened. I will adhere to the cannon as the safety in engineering works is important in preventing and mitigating workplace accidents and deaths. Most workplace accidents occur due to failure to observe safety measures such as; improper dress code, operating machines that one is not familiar with or …

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