Chris McCandless is a hero in the book Into the WIld

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Chris McCandless is a hero in the book Into the WIld

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Chris McCandless is a Hero in the Book, “Into the Wild”
In 1996, Jon Krakauer wrote the book, “Into the Wild.” It is a book based on a true story. As a matter of fact, this book was written as an expanded sequel to Krakauer’s article on the protagonist, Christopher (Chris) McCandless. Also, the book was theatrically released in 2007. It is necessary to note that the book managed to grab an International Bestseller. Also, there are many versions of the book that have been released in various languages. Clearly, it is used as a learning aid in many educational institutions such as colleges and high schools. This paper critically explores and analyzes Chris McCandless as a hero in the Book, “Into the Wild.”
As a matter of fact, it is necessary to note that McCandless was not only a hero but, also a tragic one. Fore mostly, tragic heroes are often individuals with high statuses in society. Regardless of the field, they occupy a higher position as compared to others. It is clear to note that McCandless graduates from Emory University with great grades. His grades are outstanding as compared to those of his fellow students. Additionally, his father is a prominent man in society. The protagonist also comes from a wealthy family thus relating to characteristics of most tragic heroes. Nonetheless, he is an extraordinary person. As described by the author, “Some readers admired the boy, Chris, immensely f…

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