Children’s Literature Study

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Children’s Literature Study

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Children’s Literature StudyName
Title:Charlotte Huck’s children’s literature: A brief guide. 2nd Edition
Author:Barbara Kiefer and Prof. Cynthia Tyson
Genre:Literature book
Publishing Information: Originally was published in 2006. The second edition was published by McGraw-Hill Education, on 24th June 2015. It has a total of 416 pages, in Pennsylvania Plaza, New York. It provides essential information for designing pre-K-to-8 literature programs.
ISBN1259656616, 9781259656613
Intended grade level:Elementary Education Level
Children’s Literature Study
Children are future adults and are highly valued in our societies. To prepare them adequately for a brighter future, they have to be educated. Education systems expose them to and enhance the better way of thinking (Kiefer & Tyson, 2013). Thus it is vital for the teacher and parents to be selective on the educational materials they purchase and present to their children for study purposes. High quality, well-structured and attractively designed materials should be used.
In this study, a literature book, for elementary level of education would be reviewed, and the significance of using it over the other substitute alternative books will be determined. The book of choice was Charlotte Huck’s Children’s Literature, by Barbara Kiefer and Prof. Cynthia Tyson due to the uniqueness that fits it most for the enhancement of study of the children (Kiefer & Tyson, 2013).
There are primary factors th…

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