Child Maltreatment Child Abuse

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Child Maltreatment Child Abuse

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Child Maltreatment-Child Abuse
Annotated Bibliography
Wekerle, Christine. “Child Abuse & Neglect”. The International Journal, vol 76, 2018. Elsevier, Accessed 4 Mar 2018.
The article is about child abuse and neglect that takes into consideration social service structures, public health, mental health, justice, humanitarian assistance, health, and child welfare. The article is found to acknowledge the need for child protection which has grown to be a global issue since it continues to progress. The article will help to identify the forms of child abuse within the society.
Guterman, Neil B. “Early Prevention Of Physical Child Abuse And Neglect: Existing Evidence And Future Directions”. Child Maltreatment, vol 2, no. 1, 2018, pp. 12-34. SAGE Publications, Accessed 4 Mar 2018.
The article is about early prevention measures to forms of child abuse. The article reveals that early intervention methods used to address child abuse hold great promise in seeking the appropriate preventive measures to avert the issue of child abuse before it takes place. The article demonstrates the possibility of enhancing positive parenting activities from the onset.
Desai, Murli. “A Comparative Study Of Child Abuse And Protective Measures In Goa And Singapore”. Journal Of Comparative Social Welfare, vol 24, no. 2, 2008, pp. 119-131. Informa UK Limited, Accessed 4 Mar 2018.
This article explores the protective measure…

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