Child edication

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Child edication

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Argumentative essay on child’s opportunity for education.
Education is the key to life. Educating your children is one of the most significant investments that one can do. Education has become one of the basic need in life. Therefore, giving our children an opportunity for education is one of the best ways of paving the way for their goals in life (Cowell 78). Children should be encouraged to go to school because they acquire knowledge based on life situations. For instance, they interact with other kids from diverse backgrounds. Also, they adapt to a life of staying away from their parents thus this helps them to face life experiences and also make decisions for themselves. This essay is based on the benefits of child education.
The government in recent years has been promoting children education. This is achieved by setting rules that favor child education, and ensuring that parents educate their children by creating departments that deal with children rights. These departments fight and campaigns on children’s rights by educating parents on such rights.
Recently, most parents have neglected their children due to inadequate school fees or death of parents leading to the orphanage situation; thus increase in street children. These children lack an opportunity to achieve their goals since they don’t get an opportunity of education. The government has also tried to help these children through creating children’s homes whe…

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