Ch 6 Case Study: Piano Guy

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Ch 6 Case Study: Piano Guy

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Chapter 6: Case Study – A Piano Guy
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Chapter 6: Case Study – A Piano Guy
Jon Doreme was not originally arrested for theft. Will his confession about the piano be inadmissible? Why or why not? What specific requirement about confessions applies here?
The legal admissibility of Jon Doreme’s confessions about a piano appeared to be plausible. When Doreme confessed that he stole the piano, his admission remained admissible despite his physical and mental state. According to Mbuli (1993), “The stern requirements for the acceptability of confessions should also consider the permissibility of admissions and acquittal testimonials (p. 1). In fact, the courts of law admitted versions of confessions and admissions as appropriate components in law enforcement since these elements helped resolve numerous criminal cases. As long as the police officers interrogated the suspect correctly and presumed the innocence of the suspects until ascertained guilty, as long as the justice of the peace or the judge documented and verified the confession, and as long as the admissibility of the confession challenged and passed the court trials, then the confessions of the suspects remained legally admissible. In only needed further pieces of evidence to corroborate the confessions of the suspect.
Jon Doreme was intoxicated when he was questioned, or he would never have confessed to stealing the piano. Would his confession be admissible?
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