Case Study on Unilever’s decision to move their HQ

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Case Study on Unilever’s decision to move their HQ

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Case Study On Unilever’s Decision To Move Their Headquarters
Unilever was formed in 1930 through a merger between Lever Brothers which was a U.K. soap-maker and Margarine Unie, a Dutch margarine producer. It first started by introducing a revolutionary idea of producing Sunlight soap in the 1890s. This idea came from William Lever who was the founder of the Lever Brothers. This assisted the Lever Brothers company to be the first company to popularize cleanliness in Victorian England. In the 1930s it continued to grow its business by promoting its products in America. Furthermore, in the 1940s it kept improving its business by adopting a new strategy, growing their business and adding current areas like specific food and chemical products. Additionally, they focused on research and marketing and in 1944 it associated themselves with two firms in the US, Pepsodent which manufacture toothpaste brand and Thomas J. Lipton Company which manufacture tea (Lingard 225). Unilever continued their actions and again associated themselves with Birds Eye, which is a U.K. maker of frozen foods in 1957 and also with Good Humor, a U.S ice cream maker in 1961.
Unilever restructured in the 1980s by selling majority of its subsidiary businesses to improve their core business which then became, detergents, toiletries, food, and other chemicals. The restructuring facilitated the collaboration with Chesebrought-Pond in 1986. This move increased thei…

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