case study of Brandon Teena

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case study of Brandon Teena

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Case Study of Brandon Teena
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Case Study of Brandon Teena
What diagnosis would you give Brandon Teena? Why?
The diagnosis that I may give Brandon is gender dysphoria. It entails an individual conflicting with his or her assigned gender with respect to the gender that he or she identifies with (Dhejne, 2016). Brandon aligns with the diagnosis due to the need for identifying himself as male rather than female, his assigned gender.
What are the major symptoms of the disorder? What symptoms does he display?
The DSM 5 classifies gender dysphoria symptoms in terms of children and adults. Due to Brandon’s age, she falls under the adult category in which the associated symptoms include: a distinctive incongruence between an individual’s expressed gender and the secondary and primary sexual features, an immense desire to eliminate the secondary and primary sexual features, to be like the identified gender and to be perceived as the gender one identifies with, in addition to an immense assurance that one has feelings for the opposite gender (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). The symptoms should be present for more than six months. Also, some individuals with gender dysphoria are perceived to encounter various mental issues. Some of them include anxiety problems, mood disorders, substance abuse and depression (Dhejne, 2016). Brandon insists that everyone should emphasize that he is a man even when his cousin frequent…

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