case study charles river watershed

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case study charles river watershed

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Part 1
1) Watershed
a) Ecosystem Goods and Services
Charles River Watershed has the following core ecosystem goods and services:
The first one is of fresh water. Fresh water is a vital resource for the local population of humans as well as those of different animals. Water quality of Charles River Watershed has been a critical issue before 1995. However, different efforts were made to address this very issue but the water quality is still not up to the mark. As part of CRWA (Charles River Watershed Association), the firm is actively participating to make it swimmable and fishable river again (CRWA n.d.).
Clean air is another core aspect that is essential for determining quality of life in the region. With increasing population of 35 communities, there is an increase demand of clean air (oxygen) from the plants. Nevertheless, clean air is another valuable resource for the local community for their better health and well being.
Food is a primary source of survival for every living being. It can be in the form of useful nutrients that plants consumed in the process or photosynthesis or it can comprise of the food chain that different consumers follow.
Timber is another valuable good that is provided by Charles River Watershed. The core purpose of the trees is using it for different products that require wood. However, excessive utilization of this valuable resource has severe consequences that include de…

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