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global environmental change science

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Emerging Contaminants and Their Risk to Human Health
Emerging contaminants represents a common aspect of the world of today. It associated with contaminants found in drinking water whose effects is still unknown. They are emerging by the fact that they have not been identified for years and it is until recently when new devices and scientific methods have been used to check for water quality and identified chemical substances in drinking water deemed as contaminants (Emerging Contaminants, 2018). Water is critical for human life through drinking and through other household activities. The use of water for drinking is essential for the metabolism of the body, and this means that water for human consumption needs to be of the highest quality possible (Emerging Contaminants in Water, 2018). The identification of chemical substances in water that had not been previously found creates great fear of the fact that for years people have been consuming water they trusted as clean. There is, therefore, the need to establish what are the chemicals referred to as emerging contaminants and what impact they have on human health (Herman, 2014).
This research project will, therefore, aim at investigating and exploring the following:
To find out what are some of the chemical substances that are found in water considered safe for drinking
To investigate the chemical properties of the emerging contaminants
To establ…

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