Case Study 13.2 The High Cost of Cheap Clothes

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Case Study 13.2 The High Cost of Cheap Clothes

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High Cost of Cheap Clothes
I don’t pay much attention to where my clothes are made. But I care much about who made them. The issues of the rights of workers and the ethical issues have managed to sway consumers to be keen on the stories told about the clothes they buy. In the year 2013, the ill-reputed Rana Plaza collapsed, and it killed over a thousand workers in Bangladesh garment factory. Many consumers were affected by this ethical manufacturing issue. Among the stories that make headlines are the successive deaths that occur in factories due to the sweatshop conditions. This paper aims to examine the poor working conditions workers are subjected to in garment factories.
I have always had a negative picture of Gucci and Louis Vuitton products due to the ethical issues that have been associated with the companies. These two industries were alleged to use sweatshop labour and products mislabeling. Consumers can impact the Bangladesh factory conditions significantly. They can boycott the product made by this company and opt for other expensive clothes which are made under good conditions, and this can drive them to change the working conditions. Yes, I can pay more for clothes as long as I’m assured the workers in those countries are subject to good working conditions. The retailers can help to compensate for the damages since they benefit directly from the factory. I believe retailers could have sorted the …

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