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Cancer Care Unit

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The Cancer Care Unit is committed to deliver safe and high-quality world-class cancer care through innovation and effective teamwork to meet the clients’ needs.
I. Functional Objectives
1. To establish a care team space adjacent to the patient rooms with the aim of ensuring that the medical staff stay near the patients at all times.
2. To create family lounges and quiet rooms for the purposes of meditation, discussions on diagnosis, advice and care options.
3. To install an interactive media system in all the patient rooms to provide the patients with access to live entertainment, as well as hands on information regarding cancer patient care.
4. To establish a cancer care therapy gym to cater for the rehabilitation and fitness needs of the cancer patients.
5. To create a post-treatment care program intended to follow up on the recovery of discharged patients.
II. Objective 4: Establishing a Cancer Care Therapy Gym
Research evidence shows that exercise and the right diet for cancer patients can prevent cancer from recurring. Studies reveal that being overweight after cancer therapy reduces the survival time and increases the chances of recurrence. According to, a lot of body rest can cause muscle weakness and loss of body function. As such, the cancer care department aims to encourage physical activity among cancer patients during treatment. The department outlines ways to ensure this;
1. Identify the appropriate room or space for the setting up of the gym. Th…

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