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The Chinese in California
Chinese immigrants had moved to California as early as 1838 but large numbers began to come in by the year 1850. The immigrants spread the news about the many available opportunities in the United States, hence attracting more immigrants. The Chinese migrated to the United States with the hope that they will become rich and send the money earned back home or even go back home after years of working and saving (Arnold and Kathleen 8). Their large number was attracted by the discovery of The Great California Gold Rush. They worked as laborers in different industries such as the gold mines, shoe and garment industries, wool mills, laundries, and the cigar factories. Soon, many Chinese opened their own businesses such as laundries and restaurants. The increase in Chinese businesses made them a good source of revenue through taxes (Arnold and Kathleen 8). Before the immigration, California was lowly populated, uncivilized and not well known. Due to a large number of immigrants, it became necessary to build a respectable and orderly society.
Unlike other immigrants, the Chinese did not permanently settle in California. They did not buy farms so as to settle in California. Many of the immigrants were single men who worked for only a short period and went back home to reunite with their families (Arnold and Kathleen 8). When they received their wages, they did not spend it in California, but sent it back to China. The residents viewed the Chinese as im…

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