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Business Communication Skill

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Writing Skills in Business Communication
For an organization or business to be successful, then, it is critical to ensure that communication at the workplace, across business partners, and the public/customers meet the organizational goals as well as the expectations of the receiver. Written communication is the most effective means of communicating in a business setting. Therefore, for accurately written messages, it calls for one to employ effective writing skills.
Written communication is the most suitable form of business communication since it maintains professionalism and suits various modes of transmission. For one to compose effective written messages, it is important to align the content, tone, and language with the immediate context or receivers/audience of the message. Generally, business written communication takes formal writing style. However, in practice, some content of business communication call for the use of more formal language and medium than others. For instance, if one is presenting briefing notes, proposals, and research finding reports, then it will require the use of more formal tone/language than when communicating with workmates through email. Also, it is vital to consider the reader’s point of view, hence, to enhance emotional contact hence enhance business relationship (Bonner and Chaney, 258).
There are various types of written communication. First, some forms are used to communicate only…

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