Building Code of Australia Compliance Report

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Building Code of Australia Compliance Report

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Building Code of Australia Compliance Report
1.0 Introduction
The BCA (Building Code of Australia) refers to Volumes 1 and 2 of the NCC (National Construction Code) and is produced and enforced on behalf of the national, state, and territory governments by the Australian Building Codes Board, or ABCB (Australian Building Codes Board, 2013). All territories and states have accorded the BCA the status of building regulation. The purpose of this report is to provide a BCA Volume 1 assessment for the mixed-use development at Ron’s Parade. The proposed building comprises a restaurant, fourteen (14) residential units, a basement, as well as an ancillary car parking.
Basis of the Report
The fundamental objective of this report includes:
Providing an assessment under the current BCA and detailing any deviations and information related to the BCA
Offer BCA compliance guidance and information in cases where deviations have been identified
Limitations of this Report and Exclusions
Some issues fall outside the purview of this report. These include:
Appraisal of any fire services operations, such as electrical, hydraulic, and related systems
Operation health and safety (OH&S) issues, reporting on hazardous materials, as well as the contamination of the construction site
Prerequisites of statutory bodies
Appraisal of drainage and plumbing installations, including stormwater
Appraisal of any geotechnical matters and structural aspects in…

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