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brave new world

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Society Reflected in Brave New World
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5 June 2015

The title of this novel, Brave New World (1932) has been derived from one of the much celebrated dark comedies of Shakespeare, The Tempest (1611). By ‘brave new world’ Miranda seems to refer the new and foreign creatures that are much more like her outside the island. However, Shakespeare underlined deep irony in ‘brave new world’. In the play, the characters whom Miranda referred as coming from ‘brave new world’ are betrayers so that they can tame the absolute power (Larsen, 1981). The time when the novel was written is in between the war years. The society depicted in the novel seems to use people, according to its necessity of power structure.
The concept of the individuality of human beings in the society is under heavy attack in the novel. The suggestion of hypnopaedia has marred the uniqueness of love and friendship among different human beings. In fact, the world presented here ruthlessly requires human beings to be flexible enough to interchange each other’s self for serving the broader purpose of society. Society is empowered with moulding the individuals in such a way so that the idea of self-ceased to exist over here (Meckier, 2002). Societal stability is the zenith of achievement and it makes individual quality a sheer negative aspect and equivalence a greater characteristic. The conformity of freedom is also negated by this society as “everyone belongs to …

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