Born to Not Get Bullied by Nicholas Kristof

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Born to Not Get Bullied by Nicholas Kristof

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“Born to Not Get Bullied” by Nicholas
This article focuses on the vice of bullying which happens to most teenagers during their time in school. An excellent example of a famous person who faced this unfortunate experience is the Songstress Lady Gaga. She had her share of bullying when she was in school and disclosed this during an interview. The cruelty which she was subjected to was so severe that it affected her studies at some point in her school life.
In a quest to help other adolescents who might be going through what she went through, she was part of the launch of a program to contribute to motivate children and have a conducive environment for them when they are in school.
This led to more stakeholders joining because bullying is a menace in the education system, and might lead to kids taking their own lives. Research shows that schools with bullying cases do not perform well because the kids will always look for reasons to skip school or even indulge in alcohol. For the victims of bullying including Lady Gaga herself, the self-doubt that comes with it is something that they battle with for a long while in their lives.
The launching of the event at Harvard attracted more public figures including Oprah Winfrey and Kathleen Sebelius. According to Lady Gaga, the foundation which she started at Harvard is at the top of her priority now, and she wants to use her followers to spread the message of being kind to others. Her teenage life must have been difficult as des…

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