Book Review I Am Malala

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Book Review I Am Malala

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Book Review: “I Am Malala”
The book “I Am Malala” describes the inspiring story of a Pashtun girl born in Pakistan, Mingora. The book itself is an autobiography and gives a detailed account of the events that revolve around Malala. Malala goes against traditional expectations of society that seek to limit her potential. Influential societal figures such as Fazlullah endorse a conservative approach in which women are submissive housewives without any entitlement to education or employment (Yousafzai & Lamb, 2015, 9). Fazlullah is an influential figure in the region and is entitled to getting airplay on a radio station to air his views. The story of Malala is outstanding because the young girl demands more opportunity from society. She seeks opportunity especially through education, and this got her into trouble with Fazlullah and other like-minded Pakistanis. Following the journey, the little makes in her quest to fight for education opportunities one can only admire her sheer determination in achieving her aim.
Malala’s autobiography tells a compelling story that might be easy to ignore. Access to education for both males and females seems like an obvious right. However, in the case of Malala society seeks to deny girls of the fundamental right. The author personalizes the story with statements such as “I wondered how a free daughter could be” (Yousafzai & Lamb, 2015, 19). The consistent personaliza…

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