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Book Our Town
In the book titled Our Town by Thornton Wilder, we shall look into some things that show the amount of control human being has over their life but they fail to recognise.
While George and Emily were drinking ice-cream sodas in Mr Morgan drugstore, George says, ‘‘Listen, Emily, I’m going to tell you why I’m not going to Agriculture School. I think that once you’ve found a person that you’re every fond of … I mean a person who’s fond of you too, and likes you enough to be interested in your character . . . Well, I think that’s just as important as college is, and even more so. That’s what I think.’’ (Wilder 68). This passage plays a big role in play’s critical moments. George’s way of thinking makes him not to see the need to go to agricultural school rather he decides to stay with Emily in Grover’s Corner. By making love a priority in the expense of education, George shows the human desires of companionship that spreads throughout the play. This very thinking is echoed by the Stage Manager latter in the play when he says, ‘‘Yes . . . People are meant to go through life two by two. Tain’t natural to be lonesome.’’(Wilder 53). By this George fails to see the importance of college and sets his mind on love, he doesn’t see that love should come later.
Towards the end of Act II Emily through her tears looks at the stage manger and asks, ‘‘Do any human beings ever realize life while they live …

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