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Attributes of Organizational Creativity Fostered At Bmw
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BMW is known for its burning passion for a world status and first class delivery. To maintain this tempo, the company strives to look for employees with team work abilities and thirst for learning. Besides, the prospective candidates at BMW are required to be ready to take independent risks, no matter what it takes. In addition to this, the company lays its focus on maximum profitability regardless of the financial times of the year. To keep up with other competitors, BMW also strives to lay great focus on the fact that sponsorship plays a key role in the success of any visionary company.
Attributes of Organizational Creativity Fostered at BMW
Each and every successful organization boasts of a unique culture that is endemic. At BMW, the culture involves a chain of intertwined activities that are closely related on a daily basis and which are uniquely tied to that company. The organizational culture that is prevalent at BMW cuts across varied social classes and a diversity of both ethnic, cultural settings since, though a German motor manufacturer, has put in place a big international presence. This company is apparently one of a rare kind operating on its own uniqueness and reserved ideology. For instance, it is only at BMW that staff interact freely sharing creative ideas within themselves. The company allows all and sundry within the company to share their ideas rega…

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