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Blackfish Articles: Reading Response
The film, ‘blackfish’ is a captivating story about a whale killer known as Tilikum, who has taken the lives of numerous people. The story also elaborates the extensive problems that exist in the sea-park industry, the relationship between man and nature, and how little information is out there to enlighten man about these smart mammals.
The first bullet point is in the article titled: “Why Blackfish is Propaganda, not a Documentary,” the authors object to the film arguing that it is built on two false claims. The first false claim is that life at sea is detrimental to killer whales, and the trainers working with them. The second claim is that the sea world has covered up the facts behind the mysterious death of one trainer called Dawn Brancheau back in 2010, and facts about Tilikum, the whale behind this death (Entertainment 1). I agree with the authors of this article because they give substantial evidence to prove that the film gives false and confusing information, deceiving and manipulating the viewers’ emotion-wise. I find the stock footage provided by the authors essential because it proves that the directors of the film used a false narrative to deceive the viewers. 
The second bullet point is in the article “SeaWorld Is So Pissed Over the Blackfish Documentary,” gives more evidence that the Sea World did not provide an up-close look at sea animals t…

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