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Black like me

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Black Like Me
John Howard Griffin, a resident of Texas in the 1950’s was deeply worried by the racial injustice he witnessed. Due to his inability to relate with the black man’ s experience, he thus decided to take a radical but an awkward step. He receives a temporary medical treatment that would alter his skin color. After his wife, as well as George Levitan, offers him full support, he sets out on a mission towards New Orleans where his life and journey as a black man would start. While in New Orleans, he comes across a black man, Sterling William, where Griffin begins his dermatological regimen. He begins by exposing the skin to ultraviolet light, undergoing oral medication as well as dying the skin (Griffins p.14). Eventually, on looking at the mirror, Griffin sees a wholly changed white man to a black man. On seeing that, he panics briefly thinking he had lost his identity completely. Immediately, Griffin starts his journey on a mission to explore the black community. However, although Griffin managed to turn his skin to black, he wouldn’t find it easy to pass himself off as a negro due to the widely spread racism that was all over the major cities.
Griffin is aware of the prejudice, hard time, and oppression that he is likely to face. From every corner of the streets, the word “nigger” seems to be a normal word from the white residents. He even finds it challenging to secure any form of employment or also …

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