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Biology News Article

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Scientists have long been in a debate on the link between the genetic architecture and neuropsychiatric disorders. In recent research conducted by neurologist Gandal and colleagues has established that there is a correlation between a differential gene expression for the different psychiatric diseases and the relative presence of some particular single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP). The researchers elude that a transcriptome in the human brain is a molecular signature that is characteristic of the neurodegenerative diseases. As such, the researchers suggest that this study reveals that the psychiatric diseases such as autism (ASD), schizophrenia (SCZ), bipolar disorder (BDD), depression (MDD), and alcoholism (ADD) have a genetic base (Taylor, 1). The researchers conducted their study through a postmortem on a sample size of 700 brains. Researchers already knew that genetic variants might facilitate or act as a predisposing factor for the development of psychiatric diseases (Taylor, 1). However, there is little literature to explain the extent by which gene activity alters the brain structure hence leading to psychiatric diseases; a factor that Gandal and colleagues resorted to studying.
Compare and Contrast
On a general view, the article is precise in articulating Gandal’s results, and there is no exaggeration. However, the sample size is manipulated and not precisely stated. In the primary article, the …

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