Biology Assignment

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Biology Assignment

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Biology Assignment
Vocabulary 1:
Define parts of a paper and important concepts.
Abstract: As a noun, it means an outline, or synopsis summarizing the contents of a paper or book. It provides a review of the written content enabling easy understanding.
Introduction: The first part of a paper, book or speech before progression to details.
Results: The outcome of a scientific experiment or study after analysis or an investigation. Results can either be positive or negative depending on the factor under analysis.
Discussion: The detailed analysis of a topic that evaluates all related aspects related to the topic.
Methods: The part of a research paper which details the experimentation, analysis, and description of the procedures used in the study.
References: The cited sources listed on the last page of a research paper, report, book, etc. that makes it easier for a follow up and justifies the researched content.
Statistically significant: The chance that a deviation may be encountered from the null hypothesis.
Null hypothesis: A hypothesis that disproves the existence of statistical significance between specific variables. The null hypothesis is the opposite of the relative hypothesis.
Peer review: The revision of a scientific paper by a fellow scientist in a specific field before publication.
Reviewer: A person who critically analyses something aiming to offer improvement suggestions that aim at solving a particular problem. Reviewers form an informative understanding and decis…

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