Bilography of Albert Einstein

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Bilography of Albert Einstein

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Biography Of Albert Einstein
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Background information of Albert Einstein
According to Isaacson (2008) Albert Einstein was a German physicist who worked tirelessly to develop an interesting general theory of relativity as well as other facets of his theories. Albert Einstein is considered and recommended as the primary influential physicist during the 20th century.
History of Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein having born in 1879 in Ulm, city of Germany, he had a dream for inquiry and became a friend of knowledge. He wanted to explore the Renaissance world, and therefore, his aspiration made him develop a one of the special and general approaches of relativity. In the down of 1921, Albert Einstein won a Nobel Prize in the field of physics. This aspect was as a result of his comprehensive explanation of the concept of the photoelectric effects (Isaacson 2008). He, therefore, decided to migrate to the United States following the threats that were imposed to him by the Nazi regime. Notably, Albert Einstein is regarded as the outstanding and influential physicist primarily in the 20th century. He also worked intellectually to in refining the knowledge about the atomic energy and, as a result, he impacted a lot in the field of energy (Einstein and Calaprice, 2002). During his later years, he focused on the unified field theory and this is when he passed away still in his attempt to search for wisdom. He died on April 18th, 1955 in a place k…

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