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Beryllium is a chemical element assigned atomic number 4 in the periodic table (Tilton and Guzmán 4). It is identified in the periodic table by the symbol Be. This means that there are four electrons in an atom of Beryllium. These four electrons are arranged around the nucleus in such a way that the 1S orbital carries two electrons-the maximum it can hold- and the remaining two electrons occupy the 2S orbital. Its electron configuration is thus denoted as 1S22S2.
This element was discovered in 1798 by Nichols Louis in the course of examining two gemstone types (Tilton and Guzmán 6). The two gemstone types he was examining- emerald and beryl are forms of beryllium aluminum silicate (Tilton and Guzmán 6). In the initial stages of his discovery, Louis referred to this element as glucinium (Tilton and Guzmán). He, however, changed its name to beryllium after consulting with others who preferred this name over aluminum. Despite having been discovered in 1798, it took thirty years for the metal to be isolated (Tilton and Guzmán).
Beryllium is created through the complex process of stellar nucleosynthesis hence its scarcity. It is mainly found in gemstones where it exists in combination with other elements. Some of the most interesting properties of this element include transparency, toxicity, low density, and relative softness. These properties have been exploited for use in various industries. Due to its low density, beryllium and it…

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