Becoming a Nurse

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Becoming a Nurse

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No perfect moment intervened, it was a gradual realization that nursing is the perfect career for me. I had the opportunity to meet some of the healthcare professionals who inspired me in developing my nursing skills, and I aspire one day to share in their diligence, passion, and skills. However, my main drive to become a nurse is an unexplainable intrinsic desire to assist people by offering care and support. In addition, I am the type of individual that shuns a boring life, and I always look for ways to challenge myself with different situations and set new goals to attain. Who else better fits this career path?
I have two young children who I devote myself to, and I am a hardworking woman. Catering for them, going to work, and now school full-time, juggling all the three aspects can and will be challengeable at times, but it is unquestionably worth it every step of the way. My children look up to me as the role model, and for this reason, they have grown to become independent at a tender age. My children are the sole reason why I decided to come back to school for a better and sustainable future for my family. My current job description is MA at the healthcare fiend. I also have a sick brother who is constantly in the hospital, and I enjoy observing the nurses conduct their job when I go visit him.
During my volunteering job at a local hospital, I realized that working as a nurse requires compassion, sympathy, understanding, and skills. Having this perspective and ins…

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