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Case study Bankruptcy
Chapter 7 of the bankruptcy law is not the appropriate for Mr. Devon. If Mr. Devon files a petition based on chapter 7 of bankruptcy he will fail, the bankruptcy mean test (Foote, Gerardi. & Willen 2008). He will fail the bankruptcy petition on the two bases of his type of his debts. He has two categories of debts that are not dischargeable in a chapter 7 case. Mr. Devon’s petition will fail means test on the basis that he has debts not dischargeable by the chapter 7 of bankruptcy. Domestic support debts and other divorce-related obligations; including property settlement debts (Porter, 2008). Debtors for most educational benefits and student loans not dischargeable unless the court finds that not discharging the debtor will cause undue hardship on the debtor and his or her dependents (Porter, 2008).
Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy law would suit Mr. Devon bankruptcy case. Chapter 13 will enable him protect his home, and have all his other debts discharged at the expense of his mortgage (White &Zhu, 2009). Chapter 13 will help him curb the foreclosure of the mortgage, he also be partially forgiven on the mortgage.
Case Study Insurance
The case facing Mr. Nick if declared his fault entirely, and he be the “insured self” it falls under the insuring agreement known as the “Insuring Clause” which provides that the insurer will pay the damages for property damage and personal bodily damage for which the insured is legally responsible for the au…

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