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Consultative Management Styles
Consultative Management Styles
Me: Hello, good morning?
Manager: Good morning to you.
Me: Would you explain to me how you motivate your employees in your organization?
Manager: Well, here we have staff development policy whereby employees are offered opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills through further training. We do identify the staff of the year and take him/her together with their family to a trip abroad.
Me: Would you talk about staff remuneration in this organization?
Manager: We do pay our employees on time and the package is reasonably better compared to other organization. Additionally, if there is delay in payment, we do communicate in good time
Me: How do you identify staff needs?
Manager: Frequently, I do interact with my staff and consult them on various issues affecting them. We have lines of communicating opened to employees through their departments to the top management.
Me: Am grateful for your time.
Manager: Thank you and feel welcome once again.
Increasing demands of health workers compounded by the challenging environment in which they work in requires a new approach to the management of health services. Managers in charge of such health workers should adopt reasonable management styles that do not make them lose control over t…

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