Aviation and working for Turkish airlines

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Aviation and working for Turkish airlines

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Aviation and working for Turkish airlines
The aviation industry has experienced tremendous changes over the years. After the first flight by the Wright brothers in 1903, the first airline in the US started its operations in 1914 (Schade 62). Currently, numerous supersonic jets make routine flights across global oceans, and more than two million people have found employment in aviation, air transportation and aerospace industries. The aviation industry is a global operation that provides employment to multitudes of people, primarily because of the intricate nature of every company’s operations, which calls for a huge number of workers to occupy various work positions. A Labor Force Survey conducted in 2010 indicates that approximately 107,800 people work in the aviation industry in 2,025 companies (Cento 43). Turkish Airlines was founded in 1933 and has been on a growth path since, currently flying to 108 nations and more than 260 destinations globally (Curran 98). I would love to be one of those people who ensure the smooth flow of operations in Turkish airlines as an employee.
As an employee, I will enjoy a wide variety of benefits. According to Cento (112), the benefits available to employees working in the aviation industry differ from one company to the other, and are also dependent on one’s level of engagement. At Turkish Airlines, I am entitled to health, dental, life and vision care insurance, sick pay, personal tra…

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