Astronomy and other space sciences

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Astronomy and other space sciences

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Astronomy and other space sciences

Question 1
The composition of the solar system is the sun and the planets. The following observation were made to show how the sun and the planets were formed separately and synchronized to form the solar system as shown by Hofmeister & Criss (2012). The nebula meaning clouds and dust was observed to have undergone various transformation to create the sun and later the planets. The dust is warm formed of molecule and hydrocarbons as revealed by a study of the Orion Nebula. A dense cloud has gravity and is forced to flop onto itself. The solar system is believed to have originated from a collapsed cloud that could have been one million times larger than the current solar system as indicated by Hofmeister & Criss (2012). The planets were formed from the remnant cloud and dark dust that collapsed into a disk. The planets were formed around the sun, and the solar system was formed.
Pluto and other such-like bodies are referred to as dwarf planets as shown in McKinnon, (2015). For an object to qualify to be named a planet according to IAU definition, it must be in its orbit around the sun, it must have a spherical shape, and it must clear any object neighboring its orbit. The first two qualifications have been met, but the third is not since it is not the dominant gravitational body along its orbit, which explains the phrase clearing the neighboring of its orbit.
Question 3
The geological process includes volcanic eruptions, …

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