Aristotle: the politics and Max Weber: What is politics?

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Aristotle: the politics and Max Weber: What is politics?

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Aristotle and Weber views on Politics
The aim of this essay is answering questions about Aristotle and Weber’s views on politics. To keep the discussion flowing, the answers shall be answered separately.
ARISTOTLE1) According the Aristotle, why is the “state”, or “political community”, the highest good?
It is possible to say that Aristotle’s views on politics are reductionist. To explain how the polis works, he goes from the smallest unit, the tribe; to the biggest, the state. Nevertheless, each part of the city is intertwined and work as a collection of parts that have some functions and common interests. Aristotle considered that individuals need the polis, as they would not be able to thrive without a city. That way, the construction of a city is one of the most virtuous endeavors men can do, as it provides human with a place to develop and interact.
2) What makes someone a citizen?
In layman’s terms, a citizen is someone who has the power to take part in the deliberative decision-making process of a city. That way, citizens are a group of men who aim to live in a community, working together toward a greater good. A citizen, then, is someone who takes part in its city’s political life and expresses its opinion. 3) How many different types of government does Aristotle list, and how are they different from each other (what makes them different from each other?
Aristotle lists five differe…

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