argumntive on stricter laws in florida on gun control

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argumntive on stricter laws in florida on gun control

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Stricter Laws in Florida on Gun Control
The issue of gun control has been profoundly discussed due to the various recent incidences that were involving mishandling of a gun. During the incidences, an individual who has been given the license to possess a gun has turned rogue and killed innocent American lives. The horrific shootings were condemned by American leaders, citizens, as well as global leaders. Every person called on the State and Federal government to implement strict rules to put the issue of guns in control. The opponents of stricter laws on gun control claim that people should be given the opportunity to own guns and protect themselves against any form of danger. The proponents of the movement argue that there is need to adopt stricter laws to control licensing of guns. Lack of proper gun regulation may lead to repeated misuse of guns in the United States and hence in there is a need to adopt stricter laws in Florida on gun control.
The State of Florida allows the regulated sale, proprietorship, and use of guns by either residents or non-residents. However, the rules provided are not strict enough and may prompt an individual to misuse the licensed firearm. For instance, Chapter 790.06 of the 2014 Florida Statutes allows a person to carry a concealed weapon or firearm (FHR). However, the list of weapons allowed includes tear gas guns, knives, and electronic weapons. According to the statute, the S…

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