Argumentative Speech Outline

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Argumentative Speech Outline

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Argumentative Speech Outline
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Exact Purpose: The purpose of the argumentative speech is to convince readers that cigarettes should be banned in the United States.
Attention Grabber: Smoking has adverse economic, environmental and social effects on smokers.
Explanation: In recent years, diseases associated with smoking of cigarettes have increased. Smoking causes illnesses such as heart attacks, chronic obstructive, lung cancer, vascular stenosis among others. Also, smokers spend a lot of money while purchasing cigarettes. Smoke also has adverse effects on the environment.
Audience Relation
The debate about the banning of cigarettes in the United States is critical. The number of youths engaging in smoking has increased. The topic will provide information to the policymakers on how to deal with smoking of cigarettes.
Establish Credibility: Most of my friends indulged in smoking cigarettes in the past. Some of them got admitted to the hospital while others ended up being poor. Such experience has motivated me to provide a speech about the banning of cigarettes.
Claim/Thesis statement- United States should ban smoking of cigarettes due to its negative impacts.
Preview Statement: Negative health effects, financial burden, and smoking at workplaces. II. Background Information: Banning smoking of cigarettes involves prohibiting people from smoking cigarettes.
III. First Main Point: Smoking cigarettes has harmfu…

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